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明亮的开端 serves families in Kent County with children from prenatal to kindergarten entry. We also offer home visits and playgroups in Spanish. 节目服务是免费的.

明亮的开端 is a Blue Ribbon Model Affiliate of the 父母当老师 program that promotes young children's early development, 学习, and health by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers.

We believe that young children learn and grow in strong families where parents are able to successfully face the challenge of caring for their children while meeting their work and other responsibilities. 明亮的开端 is a support program that nurtures families allowing their children to thrive!

The 明亮的开端 program includes the following services:

  • Virtual, Outdoor, and in-首页 personalized Visits 
  • 游戏小组和家长会议
  • 发育筛查
  • 资源网络


The Blue Ribbon award was presented to 明亮的开端 in 2019 and recognized our program for meeting and exceeding the highest standards for home visiting programs.


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​Have you ever wished that you could have someone walk side by side with you in your journey of parenthood? Do you have questions about your child's development or think that life would be easier if your child would have come with an "Owner's Manual?" 

有个好消息! uedbet官网ISD 明亮的开端可以提供帮助.

Parent uedbet官网 are available to journey with you through the early years of raising your children. A Parent Educator will help you to understand your child's development and how they learn best. We offer parenting tips and strategies on parenting topics such as temper tantrums and sleepless nights.

A Parent Educator will visit with your family monthly or bi-monthly with personalized information focused on your family's needs, 担忧, 和目标. 首页 visits typically last for one hour per visit depending on the size of your family. Virtual or outdoor visits are available as well.

Parent uedbet官网 will focus on these three areas during your home visit:

  • 亲子互动与游戏
  • 教育的挑战 
  • 家庭幸福 

Baby Buddies is a group facilitated by a Parent Educator. It is a delightful setting for babies who are pre-walkers and their caregivers to engage in activities together. Developmental activities include circle time with 歌曲 and activities as well as a special topic related to development.

Babies and their caregivers also get the opportunity to engage in free play in our age-appropriate playroom at uedbet官网ISD.

North Kent Baby Buddies酒店位于 红鹰中级中学 在雪松泉. Contact Kristi Webber at 616-439-4118 for more details.

South Kent Baby Buddies位于 汉密尔顿幼儿中心 在Kentwood.


明亮的开端 offer screenings for families through our home visiting program. 这些检查包括:

  • 健康
  • 听觉和视觉 
  • 儿童发展 
  • 社交和情感

听觉和视觉 screenings are also available at a different playgroup location each month


  • A Playgroup is a great opportunity for parents or caregivers and children birth – 5 years to experience fun and focused play together in a safe and educational setting.
  • Groups are facilitated by a Parent Educator and are typically held at local school districts, 库, 公园, 社区中心, 或者在脸谱网上直播.
  • Parent uedbet官网 support families by offering developmentally appropriate activities, 有趣的想法, 故事, 歌曲, 健康和营养小贴士.


  • 除非指定了年龄, playgroups are appropriate for children ages infancy through Kindergarten entry. Baby Buddies is designed for children who have not started walking yet and their caregivers.
  • Caregivers attend the playgroup with their children and are encouraged to play alongside their children.


  • 此时此刻, Playgroups are typically held at local preschools and elementary schools, 库, 公园, 社区中心, 或者在脸谱网上直播. 当它被uedbet官网健康研究所和疾病预防控制中心推荐时, 我们可能得取消面对面的小组, 并且会更频繁地恢复虚拟群组.  If the weather is not cooperating, outdoor groups will be canceled.
  • 全年, we also offer several field trips to places such as Frederik Meijer Gardens, 当地的农场, 或者社区中心. 

Unless specified, playgroups are provided at no cost. There may be a small fee included for field trips. 

Playgroups typically last one hour but some may be longer depending on the group.

You may notice that some playgroups have themes such as Winter Wonderland or Happy Hearts. This indicates that some of the activities may be based on the theme for that day.

Pre-registration is only required if you see an indication of RSVP on the calendar for a specific group.

我准备好了! 这是这个月的日历.




Visit our online Playgroup Calendar on your phone for an easy-to-read listing that allows you to sort playgroups by school district and/or date.

取消 政策

If the local school district in which the 明亮的开端 playgroup is being held cancels school, 然后游戏小组也取消了. Typically, a playgroup that is canceled due to weather will not be rescheduled. School delays may affect playgroup scheduling, please contact your Parent Educator for information.

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